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Trans World Assurance provides only the safest and strongest cash accumulation life insurance available to military personnel and their families. As our office learns more about COVID-19, we would like to take this opportunity to assure our valued policyholders that we are continuing to monitor the situation closely. In response to COVID-19, American Fidelity remains strong and able to continue all key insurance functions including premium collections, claims, and policyholder service. Read more... WELCOME TO TRANS WORLD ASSURANCE We are a life insurance company that provides a solid foundation on which to build your future. We hope you will call if we can answer any questions for you. If you have elected to enroll in any other program from any other company, either through your independent agent or through a representative from another company, we encourage you to contact that company directly with any questions. Trans World Assurance's Tips for Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift-Giving How Your Taxes Change After Marriage Trans World Assurance Co. Chairman of the Board Now, both Flexible Dollar Builder and also Future First Universal Life policyholders can login to their accounts to view their policy information. TRANS WORLD ASSURANCE GROUP RANKED IN TOP 200 U.S. LIFE/HEALTH INSURERS Best’s Review magazine includes Trans World Assurance in their list of the top 200 U.S. Life/Health Insurers. TWA'S NEW TWENTY PAY GRADED-BENEFIT WHOLE LIFE POLICY A Twenty Pay Graded-Benefit Whole Life Policy offered by Trans World Assurance accumulates cash value while providing a lifetime of life insurance protection. Check out the new E-Guide 10 Common Financial Mistakes Made by People in Their Twenties

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Trans World Assurance is committed to high standards of business and to providing top notch customer service to the military personnel we serve. From specific questions to general inquiries, at Trans World Assurance, we're always happy to hear from you. Contact TWA with your questions by phone during normal business hours or you may mail or fax your written request to our office. When contacting our customer service department please provide your name, policy number or social security number. To find more information about employment, please visit the Trans World Assurance careers website. Also consider checking out our FAQ page to find answers to common questions about life insurance in general, life insurance for military personnel, and other questions. 650-348-2300 Mon - Friday 8:00 a.m to 4:00 PST 850-456-7401 Mon - Friday 8:00 a.m to 4:30 CST Future First Universal Life Policies: We're here to help during a difficult time There's not much that's tougher than dealing with a death in the family. Not only are you going through a very emotional time, you're also having to make important legal and financial decisions. We understand how overwhelming all of it is, and we're here to help. Whenever you're ready. Click HERE to download and print the Claim Packet, or email us. © 2015 Trans World Assurance Company

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