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STAR MISSION STATEMENT. Offer Star Clients a premier network of Hospitals, Physicians and Ancillary providers in which cost containment, quality and ... E-mail: info@starhealthcarenet.com Star Healthcare NetworkWorldwide Healthcare Services Upload and Transmit Claims to Star Healthcare Network To upload your claim form, please use the “Browse” button below to browse to, and find your claim file (Star Healthcare Network can accept PDF, JPG, TIF/GIF or other common file formats). Your claim will be uploaded to the Star Healthcare Network server when you submit the form.

Health Care Network - WorkWell, TX | Texas Mutual


Employers get a 12% discount for enrolling in the network, and employees benefit from quality care from providers who are focused on helping them return to a ... High-quality care and savings in the WorkWell, TX network Policyholders who enroll in the WorkWell, TX health care network get a 12% premium discount, and employees benefit from quality care by providers who are focused on helping them return to a productive life. Finding care is easy with our online directory or network app for Apple or Google Play.  Just like most companies are part of a health care network for their medical insurance, your company can choose to enroll in Texas Mutual's health care network for your workers' comp medical treatment in case of an injury. Doing so gives you a 12% discount on premium, access to doctors who have been vetted by Texas Mutual, lower claim costs and quicker recovery on average. The network covers 231 of Texas' 254 counties and offers treating providers, hospitals, specialty providers and other health care professionals. Contact your agent to enroll in Texas Mutual's WorkWell, TX health care network. What is required of my company to be in the network? Taking advantage of the WorkWell, TX health care network is easy, but it does require a few things of you and your employees: Report injuries to Texas Mutual When an injury occurs, report it immediately to Texas Mutual and if necessary, provide or arrange transportation for the injured employee to the network provider, or emergency facility if appropriate. Make sure injuries are treated by network providers Your employees' work-related injuries must be treated by network-approved physicians if you are enrolled in the network.

About Us | Michigan Child Care Network - Great Start To Quality


These program quality indicators are used to rate child care and preschool programs to ensure Michigan's youngest children have high-quality early learning ... Great Start to Quality is Michigan's quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) that supports early childhood programs and providers in their efforts to improve their programs. We also help Michigan families find and choose quality child care programs that meet their children's needs.  Great Start to Quality is made up of five categories of program quality indicators, aligned with Michigan's Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Infant and Toddler Programs and Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten. These program quality indicators are used to rate child care and preschool programs to ensure Michigan’s youngest children have high-quality early learning experiences. Great Start to Quality also offers local Resource Centers in each region. These Resource Centers are a part of Great Start to Quality System and help providers with training and families with their child care search.  The Michigan Department of Education - Office of Great Start is the lead agency with funding from the federal Child Care Development Block Grant.  The Early Childhood Investment Corporation, an independent and publicly-owned nonprofit organization, is directly responsible for the implementation of Great Start to Quality. How Does Great Start to Quality Work? Great Start to Quality uses more than 40 different program quality indicators within five categories to measure the quality of child care, preschool and schoolage only programs, helping programs provide quality care. Why Does High-Quality Care Matter?