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Aug 21, 2015 ... Robocopy GUI is a robust, flexible, configurable tool with over 80 switches, to copy files in multi thread. Microsoft Robocopy GUI offers an easy ... Robocopy in Windows 10 & Microsoft Robocopy GUI Robocopy in Windows 10/8/7 is a robust, flexible, configurable tool, with over 80 switches. It can handle any batch or synchronous copy you have in mind. Robocopy is designed for reliable mirroring of directories or directory trees. It has features to ensure all NTFS attributes and properties are copied and includes additional restart code for network connections subject to disruption. Robocopy or “Robust File Copy“, is a command-line directory replication command, which can copy files & directory trees. It has been around as an independent tool for a little while but finally in Windows Vista, someone has seen fit to give the little tool the recognition it deserves, and as a result, it now sits on a high pedestal in the system32 directory on every Windows Vista installation. Open an elevated CMD, type robocopy /? and hit Enter to see the full set of parameters or switches available. Start with the /mir and /z switches to get a sense of the power of the tool, but be careful with /mir since it will delete as well as copy files to bring the destination folder in sync with the source folder. Now, in Windows 10/8/7, you can copy your files in multi thread too! Just add the /MT switch and define the number of threads and instant multi-threading copy! To do that, the command syntax is: The maximum integer number one can give is 120. It is not an easy tool to use. You may want to download the Microsoft Robocopy GUI. Included in the folder, you will also find the full Robocopy reference guide with a full index of all of the Robocopy commands and syntax.

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Download RoboCop RoboCopy for free. Unique Robocopy GUI Skin and script generator with Progress Monitoring. RoboCop RoboCopy is a GUI skin and ... Home Browse System Administration Systems Administration RoboCop RoboCopy Unique Robocopy GUI Skin and script generator with Progress Monitoring Download Get Updates Share This RoboCop RoboCopy is a GUI skin and script generator for Robocopy.exe (Win NT Resource Kit). RoboCop RoboCopy is unlike any other robocopy script generator available. Well in a nut shell the ability to monitor the progress of the robocopy job. RoboCop RoboCopy allows for real time monitoring of all its running robocopy jobs with the inclusion of: - Real time progress bar indication. Because its the best free to use (really free - no ads or banners) GUI script generator out there. Join the Facebook page for all the latest TurnsSoft releases and update info. Check out users posted reviews and feedback at the Turnssoft page: Real time progress monitoring of source and destination targets. Real time ETA and TX speed for the current running robocopy job. The ability to monitor and run multiple scripts simultaneously. Unique dock feature to dock and lock running scripts into the RoboCop RoboCopy skin frame. Advanced view options that display and list the current copied files with options to jump to the location or open the file. Simple selection options to help tailor build the right robocopy script. Windows Explorer integration with easy to use right click options for source and destination targets. All advanced options available. Affordably decrease your MTTR with scalable, cloud-based log management for fast searching and troubleshooting.

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Dec 10, 2012 ... Robocopy, or “Robust File Copy,” is a command line directory replication tool from Microsoft. It is available as part of Windows 7 and Vista as a ... Add a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the Microsoft Robocopy Command Line Tool Robocopy, or “Robust File Copy,” is a command line directory replication tool from Microsoft. It is available as part of Windows 7 and Vista as a standard feature, and was available as part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. NOTE: For Windows XP, you can obtain Robocopy by downloading the resource kit. Robocopy allows you to setup simple or advanced backup strategies. It provides such features as multi-threaded copying, mirroring or synchronization mode, automatic retry, and the ability to resume the copying process. If you are comfortable with using command line tools, you can run Robocopy directly on the command line using the command syntax and options. You can also download the command line reference and usage notes for Robocopy as a PDF file. If you are more comfortable using a graphical user interface, or GUI, rather than the command line, there are a couple of options for adding a GUI to the Robocopy command line tool, making it easier to use. Both tools, RoboMirror and RichCopy, are discussed below and links to download each tool are provided. RoboMirror provides a nice, clean GUI allowing you to define backup tasks you can run directly or schedule to be run at a later time. You can also easily restore a backup. Select the source and target folders and specify which extended NTFS attributes to copy, if any. You can also choose to delete files and folders in the target folder that do not exist in the source folder. This gives you an exact copy of the source folder.

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Jan 24, 2019 ... What is Microsoft Robocopy GUI for Windows. How to use Robocopy to copy files in multi thread. Robocopy switches information. Robocopy ... What is Robocopy GUI in Windows? What is Robocopy GUI in Windows? By rocketadmin - January 24, 2019 Robocopy (also known as “Robust File Copy“) allows copying not only directory trees by also can copy files using commands executed in a command line. Before Windows Vista, Robocopy was an individual utility. But then something has changed, and someone saw its potential to be integrated into the operating system. This is how it is ended up showing in the System32 folder for every Windows Vista user. In order to see the full set of switches available in Robocopy, you need to open Command Prompt (type cmd in the Start menu search and click it) and type robocopy /?. You can start with commands /mir and /z to understand the full potential of the tool. However, you should be careful with those switches as /mir will not just copy files for folder synchronization but also delete the originals. Here is another particular switch we want to mention – the /MT switch. It allows users to copy their files in multi-thread. By using this switch in Robocopy, you will get a multi-threading copy instantly (with the defined number of threads). The command itself is simple: The max integer number for this command is 120. We cannot say that Robocopy is a tool for the beginner. No, it requires some understanding of the process and some technical knowledge to use. However, if you really need to use it, you can get the Microsoft Robocopy GUI from the official Microsoft website (You can find the download link at end of this article).

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Robocopy GUI specify your source and target paths, as well as any custom options or filters you'd like to apply, whether or not you'd like to create a drive mapping, ... RichCopy is a GUI interface for RoboCopy tool. This tool was originally developed in 1996 by Microsoft for internal use only but later they made it available for free public download.  An interesting feature as author declare is "Surprisingly it copies and moves files even faster than RoboCopy tool and XCOPY command. " More powerful, faster and stable than than any other file copying tool. Create several profiles to assign special settings with a specific profile. Copy files from multiple and different locations and save in a single destination. Filter the files based on the date, time and choose to either copy or opt those files. Being on GUI, supports command lines. Suspend and resume file copy at any time.. Download : Microsoft Rich Copy 4.0 george renee 03-04-2018 09:49 AM Migration User 01-18-2018 02:55 AM Its software is good for me. Robocopy Gui is different software. This software new version is best in the world. I use this software many times.  Migration User 06-09-2017 06:14 PM Its good that they have made GUI version for robcopy but I dont think they have fixed the other issues like it hangs when copying huge files and the transfer speed is also slow. After searching a lot I found that GS Richcopy 360 provides the best solution to all the problems related to file copying. Highly recommended software. Its worth a try! Migration User 05-13-2017 02:37 PM First use a command line weird looking software to copy feels then they release a GUI version of it and I dont think any other enhancements they have done. It will still hang when copying huge files, the transfer speed will remain the same. That's why I started to use GS Richcopy, this software is just awesome. It provides features like NTFS permissions, multi threaded file transfer, pre scheduled file transfer, email notification when task is done and many more. Try it maybe it could help you too!

Robocopy - Wikipedia ***** GUIEdit. Although Robocopy itself is a command-line tool, Microsoft TechNet provides a GUI front-end called Robocopy GUI.


GUIEdit. Although Robocopy itself is a command-line tool, Microsoft TechNet
provides a GUI front-end called Robocopy GUI.