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Reviews on Psychic Readings in Tucson, AZ - Intuitive Readings and Meditation with Zev, The Ninth House, Charles Peden - Psychic Medium & Animal ... Best Psychic Readings in Tucson, AZ 1. Intuitive Readings and Meditation with Zev “If I'd known that this was a psychic reading based on my chakras I wouldn't have EVER waisted my $80.00. I'm about as interested in chakras, as I am in numerology, faith healing and…” more “ a tarot reading, she was so tuned in and her card pull matched me perfectly. At the end she told me I needed to find a book that I either owned already or would find soon with the…” more 3. Charles Peden - Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator “After my reading today, my psychic abilities tell me this is how a typical reading with Charles goes: Appointments are scheduled a week or more out. This gives Charles a chance to…” more $$Supernatural Readings, Spiritual Shop, Jewelry “, and booked a 30 minute reading with her. She saw me in the parking lot the day of .. and asked if I was her 1pm reading. I said I was, and I was early. She said cool...let me have…” more “Honestly it's the best from my experience it's a 10 out of 5! if you feel confused about anything they do their best with helping you out. Definitely would recommend it to anyone…” more “ either one of them or both are working with you, you are their only focus. I have had the pleasure of employing their services on several occasions, and regardless of whether it is an astrological or psychic…” more Spiritual Shop, Psychics, Religious Items “Actually planned on stopping at a place nearby but they were closed. Walked by here and stopped for a reading. Didn't expect to love it as much as I did. Really friendly lady doing the…” more

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Stephanie Ellen St Claire, Astrologer, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor with 80-90 percent accuracy in personal psychic readings. Provides dowsing ... First, I wish to talk a little about my readings and how they are done. I'm an astrologer which means I use your birth chart as a tool to get "into" you and your energy field. I'm naturally psychic (clairvoyant) and have been since early childhood. In addition, my guides and teachers communicate telepathically with me. They reside in the astral plane which is the closest non-physical dimension to earth and is where we go in-between lives. In each reading, I channel important information from these guides and teachers. Furthermore, I use pendulum dowsing to confirm what I am receiving for you. "After my friend had her first S.E. St. Claire reading recently, I went back to my own tapes and listened to the very first one you had done for me. Nearly everything you said would happen has done so, first and foremost being my launching my own business, before that a move to Chicago, even to my daughter's first boyfriend. Point after point, it was true! Re-listening to the tape made me feel even better about where I am, because it reinforced my feeling of being on the right path. If you ever have a down day, just remind yourself how good you are at what you do!" I combine the above four modalities in each reading. Most psychics and astrologers use only one, or two methods at best, rather than using four as I do. Using four modalities helps me to increase my accuracy to about 80-90%. This is a very high percentage that few other psychics can match. Of course, everyone has free will and free choice, and all I can do is tune into the greatest probability that one is likely to follow.

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Our services include: Tarot readings, palm readings, psychic readings, crystal ball readings, energy healing, ... Get your Palm Reading at Psychic and Botanica  ... There are all sorts of reasons that you would seek talents of a psychic. Can’t figure out what’s causing the family tension? Are you needing to know what to do with your career? Missing a deceased relative, or looking for closure? Searching for love, but looking in all the wrong places? Feel like you’re in a rocky relationship and need advice? Psychics have been helping people with many problems for as long as humankind has existed. Their far-reaching impact has influenced the world beyond measure. We offer a wide range of services to make sure you get all of your metaphysical needs taken care of. Our services include: Tarot readings, palm readings, psychic readings, crystal ball readings, energy healing, chakra balance, and past life readings. Some of our other areas of expertise are marriage, business, maternity, past life, and career. If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, send us a message. If we can’t help, we’ll point you in the right direction! Get your Palm Reading at Psychic and Botanica Get your Tarot Reading at Psychic and Botanica Get your Energy Reading at Psychic and Botanica Includes free session of Chakra Balancing A PSYCHIC KNOWN FOR HER HONESTY AND ACCURACY.  Your future fortune is compassionately foretold by our famous psychic and clairvoyant visionary, Amanda. She specializes in Love and more specifically, reuniting loved ones. Her services include tarot, palm, crystal ball, and past life readings, as well as chakra balance, sound and energy healing. You go to a master when you want predictable results on an unpredictable task. Amanda has been a master at her craft for more than 20 years.

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Give us a few details and we'll match you with the right pro. Zip code. Select a service, Tarot Card Reading, Tarot and Psychic Reader Entertainment. Search ...                       Eclipse Computers Remote Support Eclipse Computers Inc. •  919-759-0400 • 112 J South Berkeley Blvd.

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She learned to communicate with Spirit Guides, angels, archangels, and Master Teachers. They assist her when reading for clients. How does this work? In order  ... Aitreyia is the well-known local psychic who owns SpiritsChild Metaphysical Gift Shop in Tucson, AZ. Since 2002, SpiritsChild has provided tools, classes, and workshops which build a support system for people who are on their spiritual journey. Since childhood, Aitreyia has had an affinity for angels. She came from a dysfunctional family, and wasn’t certain what her angelic connection meant. Around 1980, she learned to read Tarot cards and this ability opened a new world of experiences. Aitreyia says that when she started in the psychic world, it was a rough energy. Eventually, she integrated spiritual awareness into her psychic practice and everything changed. She learned to communicate with Spirit Guides, angels, archangels, and Master Teachers. They assist her when reading for clients. How does this work? In order to convey messages, she talks to her Spirit Guides and angels, and to her client’s Guides, angels, and spirit. Aitreyia has telepathy with the Guides and angels, and knows the words to share with customers. In addition, she often channels messages directly from the angels and Guides to her clients. Aitreyia also communicates with deceased loved ones, but often finds that their advice isn’t as useful as the advice from Guides and angels. When she first starting seeing angels, she saw them as tall, short, gold, or blue. Now, she sees their higher form as a ball, or a beam, of light. Aitreyia has survived two near-death experiences. She is also a “walk-in.” When a little girl was strangled at only three years of age, Aitreyia’s spirit was able to enter the body and continue that little girl’s life. The decision to walk into that body was made with Jesus and an angel by her side.